Values & Services

with your team or teams, or with chosen CRO’s to deliver timely goals 

Feasibility Study

Report overview on technology availability to make a product. Patent restrictions and opportunities can be included

Project Design​

Design (and follow-up) of a realist plan on agreed goals, milestones, budget and time.

Team Support

Advisor in meetings, individual support to solve a technical problem, responsible for providing the solution to help the team excel

Multi-Team Project Management

Keep focus between multiple departments, external collaborators or contracted services with CROs. Progress reports for the board based on PMBOK standards

Company Officer​

Can be a suitable solution for start-ups with larger projects or multiple developments involving recombinant protein

antibody engineering
bispecific antibodies
new protein design

Custom protein production
process development
vaccine production


and understand your problem, intentions, timelines, goals, restrictions and expectations


on strategies to solve your problem, leading to a realistic project plan


with your scientist as well as with CROs or collaborators outside your company. Ensuring the goals of the plan stay in focus


granted patents are valuable assets. Products can be protected in many ways. The most neglected prerequisite for a successful patent application is to show inventive steps. We favor to make sure this is integrated in the project without changing the timelines