Antibody Engineering

Antibodies are amazing tools prone to adaptation to several functions. A single amino acid change can have profound effects on function, stability, half-life, expression yield…

We can assist your journey of binder generation (different display techniques, mouse, llama, …) and humanization, antibody engineering to increase affinity, stability improvement, Fc function engineering. 

And not to forget guidance for walking the intellectual property (patents) minefield.

Bispecific and Multispecific Antibodies

Bispecific antibodies have come to prove their value in the clinic. Trispecific antibodies are on a break-trough. This technology has a lot of potential. We can guide you through binder generation (different display techniques, mouse, llama, …), antibody engineering to increase affinity, stability, and Fc functions. Optimal format selection for your selected functions. Guidance for walking the intellectual property (patents) minefield. T-cell activating antibodies, dual receptor blocking, receptor degradation. Immuno-oncology combinations,…or any solution to your biology problem: bi/multi-specific antibodies have not even come to their full potential yet…

Design And Optimize New Fusion Proteins

We believe there is tremendous value in new recombinant fusion proteins, as they can serve to combine functions, increase serum half life, create combined vaccines, etc. The combinations and applications are endless and we aim to support those who understand the biology thoroughly, and seek guidance in outsourcing (or insourcing) technologies to turn ideas into real commercial viable products. By optimizing the structure, expression system, processing and providing guidance to proper intellectual property (patent) generation, leading to ensured inventive steps.

Recombinant Protein Production

Engineering improved stability or activity, optimizing recombinant expression, selecting the most suitable host, expression system optimization and optimizing production in this host as a start. Scale up non-GMP custom protein production for research purposes. Produce mg to grams of purified protein with certificate of analysis.

Process Development

To take your recombinant protein to production (GMP or non-GMP), a rigorously tested process is needed, included characterization of product and by-products and analytics to ensure guaranteed product quality. A good process is an insurance for your production cost investment. Process development can start with cell line development or strain optimization and banking, upstream and downstream optimization for mammalian, yeast or bacterial expression systems. Inclusion body refolding is also a valuable strategy. A good process is designed to fit into the manufacturer’s capabilities. We always ensure a smooth process transfer to the facility.


patent expired (or obtained) compositions and processes
small scale verification.
implementing , analyzing, quality control analytics and transfer to GMP facility