About your consultant

Get 30+ years of experience in recombinant protein production, design, development and patenting in your corner

Nico Mertens had his PhD education with sir Walter Fiers and Erik Remaut at the University of Ghent (Belgium) in molecular biology and recombinant protein expression, and a post-doc in molecular immunology with Johan Grooten. He joint Flander’s VIB institute to lead the Molecular Immuno-Biotechnology Unit (MIBU) doing research on multi-specific antibodies (e.g. Tribodies), and founded and managed VIB’s Protein Service Facility (PSF) delivering custom protein production using E. coli, Pichia, or mammalian cell (HEK293 and CHO) platforms, introducing (at the time) innovative chunks of development services for internal and external clients (FastScreen – for expression systems, FastFold – refolding screening and FastClean – for protein purification). Besides a PhD in Biotechnology he got an MBA from EHSAL Management School in Brussels with a major in Project Management (PMBOK).

Nico has over 30 years experience in the biotech research and industry with recombinant products, taking projects through discovery and development. He now works as an independent consultant with several companies either as advisor, project manager or company officer. Projects range from straight-forward production to expression system development, recombinant protein format optimization, process development or getting approved intellectual property, production, design or development of known recombinant protein pharmaceuticals, research products, new fusion proteins, humanized and engineered antibodies or multi-specific antibodies.

He brings the expertise to support your team, manage CROs (Contract Research Organizations) on your behalf and getting your Biologics programs moving forward